How the ERSO team fought for medals at the Summer Spartakiad of AFK Sistema

The holding team collected five medals and took second place in the team event.

The 19th Summer Spartakiad of AFK Sistema was traditionally held on the territory of the Emerald Forest and Hunter's Estate complexes. Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Corporation, the event brought together twenty-one teams.

Competitions were held in mini-football, volleyball, streetball, tug-of-war, family relay, big races, orienteering, dominoes, table and tennis, darts, chess, archery, towns, practical shooting, badminton, cross country, cycling, swimming and kettlebell lifting.

How a tennis player avenged the defeat of the football players

On the first day of the Spartakiad, tennis players and football players competed. First, ERSO crossed his boots with the Sitronics team. And this was a hot "battle". Electrical colleagues of Lionel Messi fought fiercely for the right to find themselves on the podium.

The ball raced across the court with the energy of a comet. On one occasion, he flew out of the field, crashing into a food distribution tent. Another time, a sports projectile hit the fencing net with such speed that a nearby fan's sunglasses flew off to the ground. Realizing that they could be without food and spectators, the athletes began to play more carefully. The outcome of the meeting - Sitronics won with a score of 2:0.

The next game was with the Segezha Group team. Opponents were quick and powerful. However, ours were able to hit their gates. The goal was scored by the chief engineer of ERSO Engineering Alexey Bystrov. However, the holding team failed to seize the initiative and lost the match, ceasing participation in the championship.

At this time, Alexei Terentiev (tennis), deputy general director of Elektrozavod for state defense orders, decided to avenge our football players. He defeated representatives of both Sitronics and Segezha (6:2, 6:1). Then he beat a member of the MTS Bank team dry. Terentiev was just a little short of gold: the final was won by a player from the Element team. But Alexei has a well-deserved silver medal.

With flushed faces

The opening of the Spartakiad was bright and crowded (more than 1,000 athletes and 2,000 fans gathered at the competition!). All teams had to show a mini-show, with which ERSO successfully coped. Our performance included a performance by a young gymnast with artistic elements and somersaults, and the team's performance to the rhythm of funk.

The playground for players in gorod sports was the first to open. CNC machine operator Artur Bagautdinov began to break the figures so effectively, as if he had lived all his life in an apartment with carpets on the walls, and woke up in the morning to reports on the party plenums.

But then a restructuring began in his game, the opponents began to score more points, and Arthur eventually took only fifth place.

The tug-of-war competition turned out to be one of the most spectacular events. That's where the adrenaline and testosterone rush was! Under the thunder of drums, the shouts of the fans and the noise of applause, the big men with reddened faces, almost lying on the ground, snatched victory from each other.

We pulled out at first. The ERSO team, led by transformer assembler Artem Vagapov, reached the 1/8 finals, defeating the MTS Bank team. The next competitors were athletes from the Steppe agricultural holding. Severe rural men, apparently accustomed to carrying cows in their arms, centimeter by centimeter were able to pull the rope over the winning mark ... The Olympic system involved in this sport did not allow ours to continue the performance.

In the streetball tournament bracket, ERSO's rivals were Etalon and MTS Group. Battles also unfolded serious. The intensity was so strong that in the heat of the competition, the athletes managed to demolish one of the sections of the fence! We managed to throw a few goals into the opponents' basket, but, alas, this did not really affect the outcome of the games. Both Etalon and MTS emerged victorious from the fight.

Table tennis gave a chance to at least partially get even with the offenders. Electronics engineer Oleg Kuznetsov punished the representative of the Steppe agricultural holding for the cable workers, beating him with a score of 2:0. This revenge ended - Oleg's victory was taken away by members of the BESK and MTS Bank teams.

About good

There were many in the ERSO team who were not far from the podium. Fourth place in the disciplines "darts" and "cycling" was taken by the cargo and luggage acceptance officer Finar Gilyazov and the head of the tender documentation preparation department Lilia Zhukova, respectively.

Fifth in the list of the best was the Akhunyanov-Nabiev team led by CNC machine operator Ramil Akhunyanov (family relay race). The same result was shown by Artur Bagautdinov (towns). The leading specialist of the supply department Elina Saifullina (table tennis) reached the 1/4 finals, defeating the representatives of MTS Bank and Crypto-Gzhel.

Now about the awards. Our guys performed best in swimming. "Silver" was won by Tatyana Zavyalova, chief specialist of the budget department (freestyle, senior age group). A medal of the same value was awarded to the leading logistics specialist Alexander Travnikov (breaststroke, junior age group).

Test engineer Sergey Sytnik took third place in the discipline "swimming on his back, senior age group" (the winner was a member of the MTS team named Tire, so it's no wonder that ours lost to him).

Engineer-technologist Ilnur Kiekbaev became vice-champion in cross-country. Aleksey Terentiev - in tennis, pro category.

In the separately organized by the Sistema Charitable Foundation, the relay race “Mom, Dad, I am a sports family!” of the #ZaLes Run project, the Sokolov family received bronze medals.

According to the results of the Spartakiad, the ERSO team scored 162 points in its division, taking second place. The teams of AFK Sistema (266.5 points) and Cosmos Hotel Group (122.5), respectively, took the first and third steps of the podium. In total, representatives of eleven companies competed in the division.

In the first division, which united ten teams, the best were BESK (357 points), MTS Bank (329), Segezha Group (283.5).

Sports progress is evident: at the Winter Spartakiad, which took place in February, our athletes took third place in the team event. And since we have already climbed a step higher, then the matter is small - ahead of the "gold"!

Emotions from "Hunter's Manor"

A large-scale shooting range has unfolded in the "Hunter's Manor". Athletes from the assets of AFK Sistema demonstrated their accuracy by hitting targets with bullets, arrows and darts. Chess players and domino players fought for intellectual superiority on the court. There was a women's race in the park area.

“The domino game was tense. Our opponents came across prepared - the team of MTS Bank. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time. The game was played up to 101 points, we finished on 93 points. We did not enter into discussions. After all, the main thing in such competitions is the strengthening of friendship,” Mikhail Pavlov, head of the PDO, and Alexander Korolev, head of the small transformer assembly section, shared their impressions.

“Darts is one of my favorite hobbies. Most often it turns out to play on vacation. This time I won one game, but the second opponent was more accurate. But he enthusiastically cheered for a colleague from Ufa, he managed to take 4th place among 34 athletes. This is a great result!” — Roman Serugolnov, Deputy Head of the PST.

“I started playing darts thanks to the children. I have three of them. They like the game, and I began to succeed. Passed a tough selection at the plant and came to defend the honor of ERSO. The opponents are professional. The last games were held with the participants of the Russian championships. Now there is a goal to train for victory next year” — cargo and baggage handler Finar Gilyazov.

“Alexey Kozyrev and I played 7 chess games each, we won 3 of them. I have been playing chess since childhood, I have never tried it professionally, but I showed good results in the qualifiers. At these competitions, we entered the middle of the rating”— Azamat Kuzhakhmetov, operator of CNC machines.

“There was a great desire to come to the Spartakiad. Therefore, I prepared with a coach. They practiced shooting with Glock, Chezet pistols, Saiga 9 carbine. It turned out that on the site they evaluate not only accuracy, but also speed. Shot accurately enough, but not as fast as I would like. The third weapon came as a surprise to me. They gave me an unfamiliar variety of Saiga. She has stronger recoil and smaller bullets. I was very rooting for my partner from Elektrozavod Valery Kalentiev, but he failed to enter the top three,” controller Adelia Gubaidullina.

“We are at the Spartakiad for the first time, so at first we were a little shy. They made one sighting each, although it turned out that six were possible. The bow is a special projectile, you need to get used to it. Then they began to shoot better and better, but Vasily lacked only a couple of points to compete for the winning places, ”- crane operator Natalya Komova and painter Vasily Alekseev.

“The results [in cross-country] did not upset me. The main thing is victory over yourself. I overcame the distance, did not give up, although it was not easy! The Spartakiad is a very cool event, it is not only medals and cups, but also team spirit, getting to know employees of other companies, an amazing place and atmosphere,” Tatiana Kovalenko, Director of the Business Administration Department.

“And I set my personal record in the race! 3 kilometers in 17 minutes and 15 seconds. Trained for a month. They say that progress in a month is difficult to achieve, but I did it. There is motivation to continue. Sport is movement, and movement is life!”, Nina Petrova, Chief Legal Counsel of the Constitutional Court Department.

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