ERSO mentoring program brings good bonuses

In order to maintain the professional potential of such narrowly focused specialties as "assembler" and "winder", the ERSO holding has launched a mentoring program. It provides for the payment of remuneration to mentors for the success of students.

“The goals of the program are to retain workers through the formation of a unified systematic approach, the establishment of a unified methodology for the key principles and standards of work in the holding,” said Elena Khairetdinova, head of training and development of personnel at the UTZ UT. “In addition, the program is designed to reveal the professional personal potential of workers, increase their efficiency, and also translates the values of labor culture and labor relations.”

The mentor is given six months to "pull up" the student. After this period, he passes the certification, and in case of its successful delivery, the "teacher" is given a bonus. The amount of remuneration depends on the category received by the protege: if you pass from the second to the third, then the bonus is 30 thousand rubles, if from the third to the fourth - 40 thousand rubles and then ascending.

The program provides for building a mentor-student pair according to certain algorithms. The technique allows to build interaction more effectively.

“Each mentor goes through two stages of testing,” Khairetdinova explained. “First, a vocational test. Then we conduct an interview where we evaluate his personal qualities, mentoring competencies (a mentor must have a number of competencies in order to effectively transfer his knowledge). Pupils also undergo a special survey, which determines their level of professional training. Six months later, we will be able to assess how much this level has changed.”

Now UTZ has formed nine mentor + student pairs. Professional duets are still being formed at the PC HK.