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Careers for professionals

HR Director
ERSO holding is aimed at the development of Russian electric power industry in cooperation with the best specialists and experts. ERSO is ready to prove that today working at the production facilities can be comfortable, safe and prospective. The holding provides a social package, which includes voluntary health insurance, on-site medical service, meal and travel expenses, as well as free training at ERSO training centers. In ERSO you can improve your skills and qualifications in-service, thus increasing your income. We are constantly taking care of forming an external succession pool, cooperating with the leading Russian industry universities. ERSA is not only a competence center, it's a platform for growth and development, realization of potential and new ideas.

Advantages of working at ERSO

Competitive wages


Convenient location

Ability to participate in major international projects

Food and sports subsidy

On-site medical service

Free corporate training

Training of production personnel according to WorldSkills international standards