ERSO will take part in the environmental education project "Green System"

The Sistema Charitable Foundation, together with the ECA Movement and the ERA Foundation, and with the support of the MTS digital ecosystem, presented the unique All-Russian environmental education project Green System.

Until the end of the year, ten cities (Vologda, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol) will host forty environmental holidays aimed at involving local residents in the green agenda and supporting eco-volunteers.

Residents will be able to get acquainted with the rules for sorting household waste, hand over recyclable materials for recycling, exchange things at swap points, and take part in thematic master classes. The title partner of the project, MTS, will present a digital game at the venues that helps to calculate your environmental footprint and find ways to reduce it. The first holidays have already taken place in Yaroslavl and Yekaterinburg, and received many positive comments from guests and regional partners.

“The Green System project is based on topics that are historically very important for the Foundation and its partners. We work with industrial partners whose planning horizon is decades ahead, so the environmental agenda is a priority for them. We strive to develop a volunteer movement, a large effective system of good deeds, and concern for nature often resonates in the hearts of employees and their families. And, finally, the Fund's key target audience is the younger generation, and when are habits formed most organically, including eco-habits? That's right, as a child! We have combined the theme of ecology, a volunteer initiative and a format accessible even to a child into one big interesting project - the "Green System". I would like to thank the MTS digital ecosystem and public partners, the ERA Foundation and the ECA Movement for cooperation — together we formulate and promote topics that change our future for the better!” said Larisa Pastukhova, President of the Sistema Charitable Foundation.

The partner companies of the CF Sistema are the largest employers in Russia, leaders in key sectors of the economy. All of them actively support the "green" agenda: they implement their programs and participate in the Fund's environmental projects. The "Green System" project has become a logical continuation of the theme of cooperation between public organizations and business in the interests of achieving public goals and implementing the national project "Ecology". At the meeting dedicated to the launch of the Green System, the companies shared their best practices and invited colleagues to join open projects.

Electrotechnical holding ERSO is gradually transferring the usual business processes to the "green" rails. Thus, the transition from mercury lamps to energy-saving ones allowed to reduce the total electricity consumption by 67.95% per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The company separately collects and transfers recyclable materials for recycling: since the beginning of 2023, the total volume of handed over paper has exceeded 11,600 kg, cardboard - 4155 kg, polyethylene - 485 kg. A comprehensive program "Lean production" is under development.

“ERSO is committed to the principles of environmental protection and energy efficiency. We are constantly improving the performance of our equipment, introducing intelligent systems, including those taking into account the "green agenda", and also using environmentally friendly principles in the production process. The holding develops an environmental management system. ERSO employees are actively involved in actions that help reduce the negative impact on the environment. The educational project "Green System" is a great opportunity to contribute to a comfortable and safe future for us and our loved ones," said Alexander Trishin, President of the ERSO Electrotechnical Holding.