ERSO employees held a charity auction for orphans

The collected funds were used to buy gifts for the pupils of the Samrau Center.

Among the employees of the ERSO holding, an auction was raffled, the lots of which were paintings by pupils living in an institution for orphans and children left without parental care “Samrau Family Education Assistance Center”.

All copies represented children's dreams of a brighter future in artistic design. Someone portrayed himself on stage, someone dreamed up a fantastic city, someone just painted a family, the sun, world peace ...

Serious “battles” sometimes arose for the right to purchase watercolors. So, the final price of the lot could exceed the original thirty times! However, this was the case when excitement was an aid to a good cause.

All funds raised are used to buy gifts for children living in Samrau. This center is located in the village of Yumaguzino (Republic of Bashkortostan).

Сотрудники ERSO провели благотворительный аукцион для детей-сирот.jpg