ERSO joined the campaign "New Year's Miracle" organized by Sistema Charitable Foundation

The purpose of the online event is to raise funds to pay for classes for orphans with tutors to prepare for exams.

The Sistema Charitable Foundation is holding an online campaign called New Year's Miracle. Anyone can take part in it. To do this, you need to register on the event page, and then transfer money. Donations (of any amount) are accepted until December 30th. The collected funds will be used to pay for classes of orphans with tutors to prepare for exams. Employees of the ERSO holding also joined the campaign.

The New Year's Miracle is organized by the Sistema Charitable Foundation as part of the Elevator Without Refusal fundraising project, together with the Volunteers to Help Orphans Foundation. The initiative is being implemented for the second year. Last time, the foundation managed to collect donations, which were enough to pay for 425 hours of individual lessons.

In 2023, the Sistema Charitable Foundation plans to develop the direction of intellectual volunteering. The idea is that those who wish to share their knowledge and experience in the framework of educational events held by the foundation.

ERSO присоединился к организованной БФ «Система» акции «Новогоднее чудо».jpg