Equipment for power systems

Business development of automation systems, commercial metering and dispatching control systems under the digitalization of networks

  • Production in co-operation and turnkey delivery of equipment for electric power infrastructure:
           - Mobile substations 35-220 kV
           - 110-500 kV GIS
           - Generator circuit breakers and excitation systems
           - 35-500 kV switchgear equipment (circuit breakers, disconnectors, CTs and VTs)
           - Switchgear -0,4 kV, 6-35 kV switchgear, including 35 kV switchgear.
  • Own development, production and turnkey delivery of high-tech equipment for automation, relay protection and emergency control systems, communication, dispatching, commercial metering, and regulation of power generation.
  • Development of power output schemes, external power supply schemes, development of replacement measures to ensure decommissioning of power facilities
  • Development of design and working documentation for construction of power industry facilities (substations and overhead power lines 35-500 kV)