Ten ERSO reactors were delivered to Kursk NPP

The holding fulfilled its obligations within the framework of a joint program with Rosenergoatom to replace outdated equipment.

The ROMBS-110000/750/35U1 reactors were assembled by specialists from the Moscow Electrozavod. As tests and other control measures were completed, the units gradually left the walls of the enterprise. Finally, at the end of August, all indexes were shipped to the city of Kurchatov, where the Kursk nuclear power plant is located.

Let us recall that the supply of ERSO equipment was carried out as part of a joint program with Rosenergoatom Concern JSC to replace outdated shunt reactors.

The power of the nuclear plant is 3000 MW. This characteristic allows it to be one of the three most powerful nuclear power plants in Russia.

Десять реакторов ERSO доставлены на Курскую АЭС.jpg