ERSO Holding at MFES: technical sovereignty and creation of an association of electrical engineers

At the 25th specialized exhibition and forum “Electric Networks”, ERSO experts spoke about the possibilities of cooperation in solving government problems.

Representative of the ERSO holding Alexander Osyka took part in the meeting “The Industry in an Era of Change: State of the Art, Challenges and Development Trends.” The participants - manufacturers and employees of government institutions - came to the conclusion that the time has come not only to solve the problems of import substitution, but also to create products that will circumvent foreign developments.

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As Alexander Osyka noted, ERSO holding systematically implements the import substitution program and builds potential by developing new directions. At the same time, the emphasis is on increasing reliability and energy efficiency.
At the expert session, Deputy Director of the Energy Systems Division of ERSO Anatoly Alexandrov spoke about the development of the power grid infrastructure based on the holding’s new products. In particular, about controlled shunt reactors with on-load tap-changers and mobile modular substations for a rated voltage of 35-220 kV.

The use of CSR makes it possible to eliminate daily and seasonal voltage fluctuations, optimize the operating modes of power lines, reduce losses, increase the stability and reliability of operation, and increase the transmission capacity of power lines. Among the advantages of mobile modular substations: ease of installation and operation, low cost compared to a stationary analogue, reduction of losses and costs for electricity transmission, the ability to increase power using a modular principle.

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Effective cooperation was discussed at the session “Prospects for cooperation in the electrical equipment market.” ERSO Sales Director Konstantin Bochkarev shared cases that the holding implements in terms of divisional, industry, purchasing, financial, production, service and scientific cooperation. According to the expert, without built and established partnerships, the successful development of both the enterprise and the industry as a whole is impossible. An important aspect of the development of cooperation in the industry, according to the discussion participants, is its moderation by government bodies.

A session on integrated solutions for electrical networks was devoted to building a dialogue between the industry and the government. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Energy Efficiency Center of the Center for Strategic Research Foundation, and the CIS Electric Power Council. Director of the Integrated Engineering and Services division of ERSO Konstantin Balikoev spoke about the holding’s capabilities in solving the problems of ensuring the technological sovereignty of the Russian Federation.

Also on the sidelines of the forum, a meeting was held to create an industry association of Russian developers and manufacturers of electrical products “ElectroTech”. The objective of the association is stated to be the implementation of practical initiatives and tools in the field of developing and bringing to the market popular and promising integrated solutions under the auspices of the Skolkovo Foundation.

According to ERSO PR Director Vladimir Chernyshov, the creation of an association that will include key players in the electrical industry can give the market an additional impetus. But only if it is possible to balance the interests of all members of the association, concentrate on expanding export potential, and developing new markets for domestic producers.

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