Leonid Petukhov: "ERSO holding plays an active role in Russia's achievement of technological sovereignty"

At the Energy of the Urals exhibition, a plenary session was held on the topic “Development of the electric power infrastructure in the face of external challenges”.

The experts discussed the problems that Russia faced, ways to solve them and steps towards achieving technological sovereignty.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Bashkortostan Andrey Nazarov recalled that Russia consumes significantly more energy than the countries of Western Europe. Our country spans four climatic zones and is dominated by energy-intensive heavy industries.

One of the most discussed topics at the plenary session was the development of renewable energy sources. There are already 7 solar power plants operating on the territory of Bashkortostan, and work is actively continuing on the development of hydropower.

The head of the Renewable Energy Association of Kazakhstan, Almat Kabykenov, noted that "green" energy is "good business." According to him, a wind or solar power plant pays off within 4-5 years.

As Leonid Petukhov, president of the ERSO holding, noted, Russia's technological sovereignty can be achieved with an emphasis on intellectual capital and R&D developments. The electrotechnical cluster in Bashkortostan has all the possibilities for this.

“Now Russia has a unique opportunity to achieve technological sovereignty,” says Leonid Petukhov. — ERSO Holding plays the most active role in this process. This applies not only to the production of transformers and reactors, but also to R&D developments. The key factor in achieving sovereignty is given to the electrical cluster in Bashkiria. ERSO produces a whole line of high-tech equipment, and soon it is planned to launch the production of complete switchgears.”

Леонид Петухов «Холдинг ERSO принимает активную роль в достижении Россией технологического суверенитета».jpg