ERSO took part in the Dynasty of Moscow Industry project of the DIPP of Moscow

The heroes of the project, among other 30 metropolitan labor dynasties, were members of the Shalaev family from Elektrozavod.

Alexander Tsapalkin, his daughter Yelena Shalaeva and son-in-law Alexei Shalaev became the heroes of the Dynasty of Moscow Industry project of the Open#Mosprom website.

Alexander and Aleksey work as winders of transformer coils, Elena works as the head of the insulation shop. The total family experience is 99 years. We wrote about the life path of Tsapalkin, his sister Nina Averina and the Shalaevs in the article “The Case of Our Parents”.

For the second year in a row, the Moscow Government has been implementing a project on the capital's dynasties of plants and factories. ERSO holding took part in the project with the support of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow.

ERSO принял участие в проекте ДИПП Москвы «Династии московской промышленности».jpg