ERSO reactor will help provide electricity to a large engineering center

Equipment for the Rubtsovskaya substation was repaired at the Moscow production site.

ERSO holding specialists repaired the ROMBSM-60000/500 UHL1 reactor. The unit has successfully passed the acceptance tests and will soon go to the village of Veseloyarsk (Altai Territory), where the 500 kV Rubtsovskaya substation is located.

This power plant was put into operation in 1975. It feeds the city of Rubtsovsk with a population of about 140 thousand people and the southwestern regions of the Altai Territory. The reliability of transmission of electricity and power from Kazakhstan to Russia also depends on the operation of the substation.

Rubtsovsk, in turn, is a major center of mechanical engineering. On the territory of the city there are enterprises producing tractors, caterpillar tractors, transporters, etc.

Реактор ERSO поможет обеспечить электричеством крупный центр машиностроения.jpg