ERSO became the general partner of the ASPE conference

On September 7-8, 2023, in the Imperial Park Hotel & SPA near Moscow, the Association "Community of Energy Consumers" is holding a conference "Energy for Consumers: Challenges, Resources, Strategies", timed to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the association.

The conference participants will discuss current changes in the regulatory framework, as well as the main trends in the wholesale and retail energy markets that determine the conditions for the energy supply of industrial enterprises.

The conference will focus on ways to increase energy efficiency and optimize the tariff and price burden for existing industries and new industrial projects, changing the rules of the power market, joining non-price zones to the wholesale energy market, changes in the regulation of the electric grid complex.

Electrotechnical holding ERSO, a leading Russian manufacturer of transformer, reactor and secondary electrical equipment for the needs of energy, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, transport, will take part in the event and become the general partner of the event.

— ERSO Holding strives to build an effective dialogue with the community of energy consumers. The issues that are planned for discussion during the conference are of fundamental importance for building the company's business strategy. It is important for us to receive feedback from consumers in order to make our products and services better. Today, we are actively working to improve the energy efficiency of our products and offer customers comprehensive solutions in the energy sector,” said Alexander Trishin, President of the ERSO Electrotechnical Holding.