Transformers and reactors of all voltage ratings

Design and production of transformers, reactors up to 630 MVA and voltages from 0.5 kV to 1150 kV
ERSO Electrical Engineering Holding is one of the largest manufacturers of transformer and reactor equipment in Russia. The holding's equipment has proved itself in more than 60 countries of the world.

ERSO is actively working on improving its technologies, offering better and more adapted equipment for the customer's needs. The company's catalogue includes more than 1500 types and versions of transformers and reactors with voltages from 0.5 kV to 1150 kV and capacities up to 630 MVA.

Power transformers and autotransformers of 110-750 kV voltage classes are developed using progressive design and technological solutions, modern materials and the company's long-term experience in design and production.

As a result of the implementation of new technical solutions, the characteristics of power transformers of the new generation significantly exceed those of GOST 17544-85. Total losses are reduced on average by 15-25%, sound power level - by 10-15 dBA. Transport weight and overall dimensions have been significantly reduced.

ERSO equipment complies with ISO 9001 international standard. The company also has licences from the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision for the right to design, manufacture and supply electrical equipment for nuclear power plants. The holding meets the requirements of the state supply standard and is an official supplier to the nuclear industry, for the needs of which shunt electric reactors are produced.

ERSO's wide range of electrical equipment includes:

  • power transformers of voltage from 35 kV to 750 kV with capacity up to 630 MBA for operation in block with generators of power plants, including nuclear power plants;
  • shunt reactors for 220-1150 kV, including controlled, single-phase and three-phase versions;
  • autotransformers of voltage classes 220, 330, 500, 750 kV for main power transmission lines;
  • 6-20 kV distribution transformers;
  • complete switchgears and transformer substations 6-20 kV;
  • other advanced equipment for the needs of power plants and grid companies.