ERSO will supply 11 spare transformers for Rosseti

The first two units were shipped from the holding’s Ufa site.

UTZ specialists assembled two machines named TRDN-40000/110/10.5/10.5-U1 and TDTN-40000/110/35/6.3-U1, intended for substations of Rosseti PJSC. The equipment has already been shipped to the customer's address. ERSO employees will supervise the installation of the products.

Transformers do not have a specific substation as their destination. They are purchased by Rosseti as an emergency supply. In total, the holding will supply 11 such units, including those under the names TDTN-40000/110/10/6.3, TDTN-25000/110/35/10.5-U1 and TDTN-25000/110/35/6.3- U1.