WorldSkills team training started at ERSO

Members of a professional team hone their skills in semi-automatic welding.

At the Ufa Transformer Plant, training sessions for members of the WorldSkills national team in the "industrial mechanics" competency have started. The range of specializations included in this profile is very extensive. It includes turning, milling, welding, plumbing, drilling, the ability to handle a grinder, make markings on parts, etc.

The Ufa production site of ERSO has become a training ground for the WorldSkills team to hone their skills in semi-automatic welding.

“In September, ANO WorldSkills Russia asked us to organize a training ground,” said Natalya Kukovitskaya, Head of Training and Development of Personnel at UTW. “It was a unique experience for them and for us. Our specialists have developed a special program for the children, which includes welding parts of varying degrees of complexity.”

Металл и профессионализм в ERSO стартовали тренировки сборной WorldSkills.jpg

A mentor has been assigned from UTZ to work with the national team. He oversees the practice, explaining to the children the nuances of semi-automatic welding. By the way, the team of professionals includes both beginners and experienced members. For example, Mikhail Barkov, a student at the Moscow State Educational College, has been participating in the WorldSkills movement for three years and is a winner of the national championship.

“We are preparing students for participation in Russian, European and world championships,” says Akhmed Matiev, coach of the WorldSkills team. “The team that trains at the Ufa Transformer Plant is new, many guys just this year joined the extended squad of the national team.”

There is an interesting girl in the team. This is a student of the Yekaterinburg technical school "Automatics" Ekaterina Klemeshova. She gets the profession of a CNC milling machine. Ekaterina explains her choice by the continuation of the labor dynasty (her mother worked as a thermist) and interest in the automatic process of metal processing.

To get into the WorldSkills team, Klemeshova passed the selection, which included an expert assessment of her knowledge, practical qualifications, as well as writing an essay on the topic “how I am useful by participating in the team and what it will give me.”

Training of the team of professionals will last until December 2. In order for the guys to perform well at the competitions, the ERSO holding provided them with modern equipment. First of all, it is, of course, a powerful welding unit.