Who buys ERSO small and medium transformers?

The "small" products of the holding are in demand in the same way as large equipment.

ERSO Holding, as is known, supplies its products to the largest industrial facilities and generating grid companies. However, the sale of equipment to giants is only one of the directions. After all, there are still small villages, multi-storey buildings - and all of them also need units that convert current to small values.

“A medium transformer is assembled on average in 10-15 days,” explains Robert Muginov, foreman of the medium transformer section of the Ufa production site. - Just like large products, they are sent for testing. Only, unlike large products, TMG (sealed oil transformer) passes low- and high-voltage testing quickly - about two hours.

After manufacturing, the units are sent for maintenance to various facilities. Depending on their power, these can be villages, holiday villages, residential buildings.

According to Robert Muginov, small and medium-sized ERSO transformers are in high demand in the "parent" region for the plant, i.e. in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The equipment purchased at UTZ is sent by the counterparty to Neftekamsk, Sibay, Oktyabrsky and other settlements.

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