Inspiration from acquaintance: welcome-training was held in ERSO

The newcomers were told about the history, structure and production of the holding.

The first days at work, as a rule, although interesting, but not entirely informative in terms of knowledge about the structure and organization of the company. Without input data, you have to find out about the employer in fragments. For example, in conversations with colleagues or from internal documents.

So that the newcomer does not get lost in the ocean of news that has fallen upon him, ERSO organizes welcome trainings. They tell about the history of the holding, about key representatives of management, and introduce them to the internal corporate structure.

According to Elena Khairetdinova, Head of Training and Development of UTZ Personnel, a new employee is always interested in information about the benefits of working at ERSO - medical care, subsidies for travel or meals, career growth, etc.

“By holding welcome trainings, we raise the status of the company in the eyes of our employees,” says Khairetdinova. “A person begins to feel involved in a big and important cause, this inspires him.”

Also, beginners are told about the nuances of production, so that a new winder or welder has an idea at once about the entire cycle of assembling electrical equipment. During the training, the openness of the holding is emphasized: contacts are given to everyone who can help the “debutant” with advice.
“Newcomers usually ask different questions: where to smoke, where to eat, what events are held, how to take part in them, and finally, how to expand their competencies,” Elena Khairetdinova sums up.

Welcome trainings are held every two weeks.