How ERSO monitors equipment during transport

This is helped by a special "beacon", which is placed on all large transformers and reactors.

The purchase of equipment manufactured at ERSO factories is often accompanied by a contract clause for the delivery of products to their destination. The transformer or reactor must not be damaged during transport.

To avoid various types of damage on the way, a special “beacon” is placed on the units - the external impact recorder SPOOTBOT BLE. It monitors factors that can negatively affect the cargo. These include roll, impact, temperature and humidity.

“We pre-set approximate critical values ​​​​on the sensor,” explains Alexander Travnikov, Leading Specialist of the Logistics Department of the Ufa Transformer Plant of the ERSO holding. “For example, the level of humidity or slope. At the end of the journey, we will be able to see if there were any overloads, at what temperature and at what humidity the equipment was transported.”

The parameters for critical deviations are specially chosen so that it is clear whether an emergency really occurs or the trawl just shakes a little without any consequences for the cargo. If the car suddenly braked, this data becomes known not only to the ERSO logistics department, but also to the customer.

“This increases the credibility of the carrier,” says Travnikov. - If something happened on the way, information about this will be sent to the e-mail of both parties. The customer will ask questions to us, we will ask them to the carrier and in this way we will be able to determine who is to blame for this incident.”

This recorder is installed on all large transformers and reactors that are produced by the production sites of the ERSO holding.

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