ERSO University partner pool replenished with RANEPA

The holding and RANEPA signed a cooperation agreement. Students will have the opportunity to prove themselves and get an internship.

ERSO continues to expand the pool of its University partners. An agreement was signed with the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, under which the educational institution and the holding will cooperate in the areas of "PR" and "logistics".

“Our philosophy is not only to train personnel exclusively for the electrical industry,” says ERSO PR Director Vladimir Chernyshov. — The goal is also to create a creative cluster, to form trends, to accumulate the energy of creation. We are interested in creating professional communities where students of the country's leading universities could create and implement their ideas.”

Good PR is essential for a successful business. This is especially true of the present time, in the age of information technology, when a large proportion of public opinion is formed with the help of websites, blogs and social networks. Young people, as you know, with the World Wide Web on "you", therefore, the bet on the younger generation will pay off in the long run.

“Employees of the PR department of the holding will organize cases for students: they will give tasks for which they must submit solutions,” explains Irina Karetnikova, HR director of ERSO. “After that comes the appraisal. The best "generators of ideas" are planned to be put into practice. Work with future logisticians will be organized according to the same scheme.

Students of 2-3 courses will participate in the cases. The matter will not be limited to PR alone: ERSO representatives will work with young people in various areas, including managerial competencies.

Thus, the holding will give students the opportunity to reveal themselves and get a successfully implemented idea in their portfolio. ERSO will receive an influx of fresh initiatives to position itself in the public space.

Projects aimed at the development of human capital are implemented by ERSO within the framework of the general concept of supporting social initiatives adopted by the majority shareholder of the AFK Sistema holding. AFK Sistema and its portfolio companies consistently invest in human development and implement large-scale and long-term initiatives.

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