ERSO PR Director Vladimir Chernyshov: we try to worry less and work more

At the international business week in Ufa, the company's PR director Vladimir Chernyshov spoke about innovative production, personnel training and cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

- Let's talk about the development of electrical production. This is a really important issue for our Republic.

- In July of this year, we signed an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan on the development of Russia's largest electrical cluster, and, in fact, immediately began to implement it. As you know, there is a transformer plant in Ufa, which today is the base platform for the ERSO holding in the development of transformer engineering and secondary electrical production. Here we are preparing transformers of medium and low power for the needs of the whole country, but, of course, first of all for cities, towns, enterprises of the Republic.

- What does such cooperation mean for the Republic of Bashkortostan?

- First, the stable supply of uninterrupted power to strategic and social facilities. Secondly, the opportunity to train local personnel. So that they gain new skills, competencies, become successful engineers and find their way into the future.

- Are a large number of specialists trained in educational institutions of Bashkiria? Do you apply for our students?

- We apply for everyone and not only for students. We even work with the children of our employees so that their career guidance starts from a young age. Of course, we work with higher and secondary educational institutions. We cooperate with the Ufa Oil University, Aviation Technical, secondary specialized institutions. We select promising candidates there, train them at our company, and we will hire the best ones.

- Why did you take up the personnel issue so strongly? It seems to us that there is no shortage of workers now.

- It seems so, because there are a number of categories and a number of specialties that are difficult to find throughout the country. For example, winders. There is such a profile in the transformer industry. There are from 70 to 100 specialists throughout the country. They are not specifically trained anywhere. So we took on this challenging mission. We train winders, providing the industry with good specialists. But first of all, of course, we provide our production facilities. In addition, this year we have formed a new design bureau for the country. With the departure of Western players from the domestic market, we decided to take the initiative and built a world-class design office, which is already producing results today. So, in just six months, we reduced the material consumption of our product by 28% without losing quality and energy efficiency. And for this we need good engineers, designers, technologists. And we plan to train them here in Ufa.

- Many were worried about the departure, as you said, of Western players. How is this situation for you? How do you manage on your own?

- We try to worry less and work more. We have to work hard, but we manage. Moreover, if there were some disturbing thoughts at the beginning of this journey, now we understand that the potential of our citizens, the potential of our country is inexhaustible. And we will, of course, realize this potential. The synergy effect is very important here, because by and large we train specialists not only for our factories, but for the whole country. Now more than ever we understand the relevance of the electrical industry, both in the country and in the world. We understand how important it is to have good specialists. And we understand that they need to be prepared right now.

- Tell us about the production of the ERSO holding.

- Your colleagues have visited us, we invite you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, in our production workshop it is almost like in an operating unit: cleanliness, lack of dust, modern equipment. People who are result oriented. And I think that the employees enjoy working with us. We create all the necessary conditions for this. We do not spare money for the purchase of new equipment and the modernization of existing ones, we have only the newest and most innovative methods of work. It was not in vain that I said that our plant, namely the one in Ufa, is perhaps the best in Eastern Europe.

- How did the support of the Republic affect your plans?

- We are in close contact with the leadership of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Many thanks to our colleagues for promptly responding to all our aspirations, offering options for solving both personnel problems and options for assistance in logistical nuances. In general, we are satisfied with the way the Government of the Republic builds work with its key partners. Colleagues always offer to participate in what, in their opinion, is innovative and will affect the development of the Republic. And we are always for innovations and for the development of the Republic, because now Bashkiria is our home.

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