ERSO is based on effective communication

Specialists of the ERSO training center organized the training "Business correspondence and telephone conversations".

First of all, the employees of the holding were reminded that they are the face of the company.

This means that the person on the other end of the line will draw certain conclusions about the enterprise based on communication with one of its representatives. Especially if there is a not very pleasant intonation, a crookedly written letter or a lack of interest in the conversation. In simple terms, the basis of effective communication is literacy, courtesy and goodwill.

“At the training, we analyzed several situations on how to behave in this or that case,” says Elena Khairetdinova, head of training and development of UTZ personnel. - The skill of effective communication helps to take control of a difficult situation, negotiate, achieve a certain goal. And the ability to interest a partner will help you tune in to mutually beneficial cooperation.”

The participants of the event actively participated in the discussions and asked many questions. However, the most important thought that ran like a red thread through the entire training turned out to be simple - if you want to change something, you should start with yourself.

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