ERSO introduces industrial safety simulator

According to the developer, such a format will help to better assimilate materials on labor protection.

Aleksey Kozyrev, Head of the Occupational Safety and Health Service of PK HK Elektrozavod JSC, trains foremen, heads of sections and workshops using the board game he developed. According to Kozyrev, it is much more efficient to present such information in a game way, and the competitive process will better help in mastering the material.

The business board game “Safety Marker” is a simulation of the production process, where loading and unloading, stamping, welding operations take place, a conveyor, a painting area, etc. work virtually. Everyone acts as an entrepreneur who solves the problems of ensuring the safety of his employees. In the shortest possible time, he must identify the risks in his area, enter them into the risk register card and mark them on the field using signs and markings. For correct answers, participants receive bonuses and "capture" new areas.

Sometimes "accidents" will occur at locations. Players should follow the steps to determine preventive measures.


“In a dynamic, fast-paced world, where multitasking comes to the fore, and the number of distractions is constantly increasing, classic models of employee training are becoming less effective,” says Alexey Kozyrev. “What engages and captures the attention of employees today may turn out to be boring tomorrow, and this will happen much sooner than we can imagine. Every year, attention and interest in training, including in the field of labor protection, becomes more difficult to maintain, especially when identifying hazards and risks in the workplace.”

The idea to create the game came to Kozyrev in 2021 after participating in the All-Russian Occupational Safety and Health Week. In October of the same year, he began to develop a "tabletop". In December, the prototype was presented at the BIOT-2021 International Exhibition, and in June 2022 it took shape in the final product.

The head of the labor protection service of JSC "PK HK Elektrozavod" lists the benefits that the introduction of the game format provides. This is a safe for employees working out of crisis production situations, the formation of a common understanding of possible risks, the modeling of a safe workspace through visual landmarks (safety signs).

“Moreover, it is an order of magnitude cheaper than sending people to a training center,” adds Alexei Kozyrev. “We also get analytics and an assessment of the quality of the employee: who made how many mistakes, who spent how much time on solving the problem, etc.”

Gamification is a way of organizing the acquisition of special knowledge, skills and abilities based on the inclusion of game elements and game mechanics in the learning process.

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