ERSO assembled a transformer for Russia's leader in the production of ferrovanadium

At the moment, the holding's products are being prepared for testing.

ERSO employees have manufactured an electric furnace transformer ETDCP-4000/10-UHL3, which is designed for operation at the Chusovoy Metallurgical Plant (ChMZ). The enterprise is located in the city of Chusovoi, Perm Territory.

The holding's specialists will supply and supervise the installation of equipment. While the "stove-maker" is being prepared for acceptance tests.

ChMP is the leading ferrovanadium plant in Russia. This alloy is a universal “hardener”, it is used for alloying steel and cast iron. Of the interesting facts, it can be noted that ChMP produces not only complex shaped rolled profiles, but also automobile springs.

ERSO собрал трансформатор для лидера РФ по выпуску феррованадия.jpg